Sunday, April 18, 2010

this girl could be my best friend if she were 15 years older.

some kids are so cool. i'm really honest with my students in explaining why i do things. some of them were talking over me when i was working with a small group on some reading skills. then this happened:

me: you know what? i really want to change the world and one of the ways i'm doing that is by working with you. did you know that? i am teaching you about things that matter so that when you leave here you can make a difference. now you can either listen to what i have to say and start a revolution or you can keep talking. what's it gonna be?

most people kept talking. but one, very wise girl, pulled me aside and said:

s.w.: ms. barnes, yeah! yeah, ms. barnes! i really want to change the world! i want to make things better for people and i want people to have a fair life and not be treated badly! i want everyone to have equal rights and the chance to go to school. i want to make a difference.


  1. this is amazing. i *love* your kids!

    PS. next time you are here for whatever reason - photoshoot.