Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas is coming

during a free write period i noticed one of my students writing a gift list.

there were 31 items on the list and about halfway through i saw this:

16: A diamond for my girlfriend.

me: q, a diamond for your girlfriend?
q: did i spell diamond wrong? i'm sorry i don't know how to spell diamond.
me: no, no. it's right. i'm not questioning you because it's wrong. i'm questioning you because you want a diamond for your girlfriend. this must be pretty serious.
q: it is.
me: where did you meet her?
q: on the bus.
me: what do you like about her.
q: she's smart.
me: is she beautiful?
q: uh-huh. yes.
me: wow. how long have you been together.
q: well, she doesn't really know we're together. actually, we met on the playground.
me: wait, she doesn't know you are dating, but you're getting her a diamond.
q: she'll know then, won't she?


  1. aw thats adorable
    that should still happen! haha guys dumbed down around 5th grade xD