Tuesday, December 21, 2010

most generous gift ever

in this holiday season several students like to bring me gifts. today i had the pleasure of receiving the best gift i've ever been given.

a student of mine brought me a brown paper bag that she decorated. she admitted she was afraid to give it to me because it wasn't beautifully wrapped like the other gifts on my desk.  inside she presented me with 2 well-loved and obviously frequently played with barbies.  i said, "i can't take your barbies! those are for you to play with! you keep these!" she said, "no, i want you to have something to remember me by." i said, "this beautifully decorated bag is more than enough! i could never forget you!" the girl kept insisting that i take it and would not let me get by with just taking her bag.  she wanted me to have her two most precious dolls-because she loved me.

this girl understands more the sacrificial giving of the Christmas season more than any other child i met.  and she doesn't even know it.

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  1. kristin, i just stumbled onto your blog and it is now going to be one of my must-reads. i was crying. tears of pure joy. never stop writing this blog.

    --leah (garrard)