Thursday, June 10, 2010

dear 3rd grade teacher, name is e. and i'm onest. (honest)

....i like to climb rocks. i am smart and cute. my least favorite subject is writing cause it cramps my hand.

....i like that i am funny.  i do not like teacher directed reading because you have to sit there still and you have to be quiet. in third grade i want to learn moltaplcashen. (multiplication).

...i hop to lrn tims. i lik to fihs because tis fun. i am ativ. (i hope to learn times.  i like to fish b/c it is fun.  i am active. ) favorite subject is righting. i like righting because every time i do it like if i was righting a story about where would i go to if i have wings it makes me think i'm actally doing  it in my imagination.

...i don't like math because everytime a teacher teachers me it i pay atention but it's hard because if you had a word problem that's hard it's frustrating. favorite subject is nothing really.

....i hope in the 3rd grade i learn how to knit. (what?)

...i like to pop a wealey. i hope i learn french. 

...i love myself because i am talented and alive.

...what i like about myself is that i am a boy and i am joyfull. favorite subject is writing because i like exercising my hand. favorite subject is writing because you can write what you want and feel free about it.

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  1. "...i love myself because i am talented and alive."

    oh, if we could learn to see ourselves that way!