Wednesday, April 21, 2010

writing journals

each of my kids has a writing journal that they can write in in their free time. sometimes i have them brainstorm ideas in there. one of my students moved away and left his so i was reading through it and found this:

I PlaYde bally ball and it was very fun and. I was peratsing the perats was grate and then.  I got good at it.  I peratsing all day and then.  I whate intill the nest day and. I went to a cookout on Sunday it was fun.  I git to play bally ball and was so cool.  I hit it up in the air and was incretuble it was ohmost to the cloud my grandma nos how to play to she is very good at hiting the ball she was on my teem she wasint

that is exactly how it looks. have fun deciphering :)


  1. man...i'm torn between awe that's so cute! and man kristin what are you teaching them...haha :P !

  2. it's cute. this is one of his first writings ever. he got better. haha