Thursday, April 29, 2010


me: t! what happened to your finger?!? (it was very bandaged)
t: oh, it's nothing. it just bleeds every time i touch something.
me: that doesn't sound like nothing! what do you mean you bleed when you touch things?
t: i have a big hole in my finger.
me: why?
t: i got stabbed
me: what?
t: i found a knife in my aunts car and grabbed it.
me: why would you do that?
t: i didn't mean to!
me: what happened!?
t: the air conditioning was on really high and my fingers were cold so i stuck my hand in the seat and grabbed a knife!
me: what?
t: you drive, don't you? you know those pockets in the backs of seats? i stuck my hands in there to keep them warm and there was a knife in there and i don't know why but it stabbed me!
me: did you bleed alot?
t: no..just all over the car and the sidewalk.

is that all?