Friday, April 23, 2010

amazing writers.

here are some student responses to the prompt: Write a story about a day you wake up and realize you are suddenly Ms. Barnes!

1:     Beep, Beep, Beep.  I woke up like any other day.  I looked in the mirror and I wasn't myself! I was Ms. Barnes! I saw my short, red hair! I heard my new teacher voice! I smelled like dry erase markers!
       I couldn't feel my arms because my PJ's were too tite.  I went into my mom's bedroom to tell her what happen.  After I told her, she believed me but she had me up against the wall just to make sure.
       I calld in sick because I didn't have the lessons planned.  After I calld in sick I was thinking how was I going to get through the day or my whole life! Then I realized I was 54!  I could drive in a real car and stop driving my little Barbie jeep!
             Then for some reason I felt like drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.  So I did.  Then I saw a add in the newspaper that said in really big letters "COME TO THE CUNTRY FAIR!" So then I thot "I could ride all of the big rides!" I went over to the fair!
          When I got to the fair I rode the biggest roller coaster there.  It had flames on the side.  It had flips big turns, BIG hills, and 360's!  Suddenly, I woke up! What a crazy drem!

2. tada!  I'm casting a spell then deleting it.  I felt the hard magical wand in my hand.  There was a quick beam of light.  The wand was shaking so my hand was vibrating.
      I heard my mom yell "IT'S TIME FOR BED!" The spell delete should have been held for 1 minute.  It got held for 10 seconds.  Oh! I half to get in bed or I lose my wand privlidges for a week.  I wonder if ten seconds reversed the spel.
      I woke up the next morning.  I saw my mirror and my brush on teh light colored wooden table, near my big and beautiful bed.  I grabed my brush first, then my mirror.  I looked in the mirror first as usual.  I WAS MY TEACHER MISS BARNES!
      I had to find the real Miss Barnes to see if she had my body.  I went to school to teach.  I had no idea what to teach though.  When i twas time to leave I followed S home.  WHen i got to her house I said the spell wich was "all that we said   we want to switch back our heads" and we were back.  What a crazy day! The End.

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