Tuesday, March 16, 2010

baby shower

my mentor teacher had a baby shower today. the students over heard her talking about it and got very excited.

then this happened.

b: oh snap! you gonna give that baby a shower?!?

:) i love that kid.

we also made paper mache globes today to round out a unit we've done on reading for every day life (maps) integrated with social studies (change over a period of time). today we just finished painting them. the only requirements were that each globe must have 7 continents. 6 green ones, 1 white one, and a lot of blue ocean.

b comes to me and is sweating pretty bad.

me: b, why are you so...wet?
b: i don't know. i'm just sweaty. i hate this.
me: you hate painting your globe? why? this is so fun!
b: no. this is not fun. this is the worst idea you've ever had.

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