Sunday, January 24, 2010

this is from my sister.

my parents were talking about how she couldn't go to a concert in virginia b/c it wouldn't be fair since when i was a freshman in college i wasn't allowed to go to a concert in georgia i wanted to go to...then my sister says,

but you'll still let me go to colorado right?
dad: why would you go to colorado?
sis: cru is going.
dad: what is cru
me: campus crusade
dad: what would you do in colorado?
sis: take care of some underprivileged children
dad: mockingly "i had a great time on my mission trip to ASPEN."
sis:  what?
dad: that would be like saying you went on a mission trip to beverly hills.
sis: i'm not going to beverly hills, i'm going to colorado.
me: aspen is in colorado, but it's a resort place sort of like if you said you were going to beverly hills.
sis: maybe we aren't going to colorado. maybe we're going to chicago.


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