Monday, January 4, 2010


i was reading the bus riders a story called The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush by Tomie DePaola.  It's a great story about how a boy named little gopher finds his talents in painting the stories of the famous warriors rather than actually being one. there is a part of the book that mentions a shaman telling little gopher that he recognized great talent in the boy and that he shouldn't be upset that he isn't as brave or strong as the other boys.  i tried to explain that a shaman is a religious leader in certain religions and explained some of their responsibilities.  a little girl raised her hand, and using the preface that all students know will make us let them keep telling random stories, she begins:

a: ms. barnes, i have a connection to that book....  (when a student says they have a "connection" we always let them say it because it is a 2nd grade objective to get students to understand the comprehension strategy of drawing connections between the books they read, the world, and their own lives...)
me: alright, what is it?
a: one time my mom was looking out the window and she saw some people in our yard. they were like, right there and they wanted to talk about the Lord and since they have different veiws about the Lord she pulled the blinds down and we pretended we weren't home.
me: (reading) "and then Little Gopher...." 

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