Thursday, January 14, 2010

better hit the ab lab

this is the 2nd time i have been asked this question over the course of 2 teaching semesters..1 time when i taught kindergarten and then today:

student: ms. barnes, are you pregnant?
me: no.
student: then what's this? (rubs my belly)
me: not a baby. 
student: oh, i thought you were having a baby.

oh, great!

this conversation was once followed by another between another adult and me.

me: you'll never believe what one of my kindergartners said to me today! she asked me if i was pregnant!!
other person: were you wearing that pencil skirt with the buttons?
me: no...why?
other person: i guess i could see it if you were wearing that pencil skirt with the buttons.
me: no, i was not wearing that skirt. thank you.

here is a picture of me in that skirt (i'm on the right. photo cred goes to aPhotography. she's on the left :) )

i mean ok, maybe not the absolutely BEST but i don't think it's bad!! haha


  1. have a totally flat stomach. second, i know who said that and whatever! you look good in that skirt! if anyone looks pregnant it's me haha. you are sooo skinny. kids think people can get pregnant from don't know what they are talking about!

  2. Kristin. You do not look pregnant. I have always wondered why it was okay for people to ask women if they were pregnant. I once had a quite giddy pregnant women ask me if I was pregnant. Sad to say, I was wearing a new dress that I had gotten that day...I haven't worn it since.

  3. BAHAHA!! i had a student ask me if i was going to have a baby. it was during the five minute-warm up and she was the absolute shyest girl in the class. she raised her hand to ask politely, "ms. trinkle, are you pregnant?" i icily informed her that was an inappropriate question to ask. i went home, tore up that dress, and never wore it again.

  4. you are rocking that skirt! and you totally don't look pregnant....