Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the forbidden word.

e: c said that my mom was so fat she was fatter than the whole world.
me: he said what?
e: that my mom was fatter than the whole world.
me: what did you do to him?
e: nothing

i go talk to c.

me: c, did you talk to e today at lunch?
c: yes.
me: what did you say to her?
c: nothing.
me: she says that you said her mom was fatter than the whole world. did you say that?
c: yeah. but you don't know what she said first.
me: what did she say?
c: it's too bad. i can't repeat it.
me: what did she say
c: (near tears) i can't repeat it. it's too bad.
me: c, i give you permission to repeat to me and me only.
c: she said "well i know what your parents do"
me: what?
c: she said to me, "i know what your parents do"...and well...(begins fidgiting uncontrollably) i think she meant....sex.  you know? you know what that is? that's what i think she meant. 
me: goodness gracious. go stand in line.

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